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  Hao An Tai Fire Equipment CO.,Ltd has been established for many years providing professional fire
 system equipment.Our company is engaged in the sale of the fire  f

 Fire-fighting [3]
Hero IG-541
SecurityHero IG541 is the gas fire which is mixed by 52% of the nitrogen, 40% of the argon gas, and 8 % of the carbon dioxide gas.
Hero IG541 is the gas fire which is mixed by 5
Hero HFC-227ea
For protecting the ozone layer of the earth, the major countries of the world signed "Montreal Convention" in 1986. It decided to stop using Halon fire extinguishers progressively Heptafluoropropane f
Hero IG-541
Hero HFC-227ea
Hero CO2
series 600
ANSUL Inergen
Tai Yang Gong Power Station
Algeria Soralchin Refinery
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